Kilt skate season has arrived

After a long delay, winter has finally hit Ottawa with a blast of snow.  The ploughs are clearing up the streets and, for those of us who have been looking forward to taking to the Rideau Canal Skateway, there's a promise that the ice may be thick enough by January 16 -- the day we plan to celebrate Sir John A. Macdonald's 201st anniversary by skating in our kilts.

The original plan was to meet this year at Dow's Lake. We are developing a Plan B in case the National Capital Commission has not officially opened the skateway.  Watch this site for further news.

In the meantime, here's a shout out to our kiltskate partners in Montreal, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Calgary.  We hope to use this new website as a portal for information from our kiltskate partners there and anywhere else where we want to celebrate Sir John A. and Scottish heritage with bare knees and ice.

Yours aye,

Don Cummer