Ottawa -- Media prep for tomorrow's kilt skate

The first kilt skates of the season begin tomorrow in Montreal and Ottawa.  Here in Ottawa, this means a flurry of media interviews that began earlier this week and will continue on the ice tomorrow. Today, however, there were two television interviews with the local CTV station. The Morning Live show had us rendezvous at Lansdowne Park Skating Court, where the Fourth Annual Sir John A's Great Canadian Kilt Skate begins tomorrow at 11 a.m. Peter wired me for sound.


A few spins around the ice...


And we're ready for a lively chat with Annette, who's back at the CTV studio in the Byward Market.


The broadcast went out at about 9:15 a.m., and by 11:00 it was time to strap on the skates again and head down the canal for another interview at the CTV studios. A hockey tournament was in town, and kids love a chance to wave the hockey-stick saltire.

Going kid.jpg

The entire length of the Rideau Canal Skateway has been opened to the public, and it's possible to skate downtown in about 15 minutes.

Going smile.jpg

At the CTV studio in the Byward Market, I was set up for sound once again -- this time by Ian.


Behind the scenes at a television studio, everyone goes quietly about doing their jobs.


In the studio, Graham Richardson hosted the news.


The headliner for the noon-hour show was Bryan Baeumler, host of Leave it to Bryan on Home and Garden TV. 


J.J. Clarke reported on the weather:  possibilities of freezing drizzle tonight and a mild day tomorrow -- plus four degrees.  The canal will probably be closed, which underscores the wisdom and foresight of Scottish Society of Ottawa's Carol MacPherson in holding the event at Lansdowne, where the ice is refrigerated.


After the four-minute spot, the media interviews were over for the day. I walked down the street to The Highlander pub, where the Scottish Society of Ottawa will be gathering for Robbie Burns dinner on Thursday.


I asked if we might put up a kilt skate poster on the premise and they happily complied.


I stayed for lunch, and discovered a delightful tradition at The Highlander:  anyone who comes in for a meal wearing a kilt is treated to a complimentary dram of scotch.


Back to the canal for the skate home:  the third kilted skate of the day.

Return-set out.jpg

Several people called out that they'd seen me on the CTV earlier.  I invited them to join us for hot chocolate and birthday cake tomorrow from 11 until 1.  I gave away a few of our remaining posters.


The last poster was left behind at the changing chalet at Fifth Avenue.  I hope people will read it and decide to join us to celebrate Scotland's contribution to Canada's multicultural mosaic -- and celebrate Sir John A. Macdonald.