Lethbridge joins the Kilt Skate Family

The kilt skate phenomenon continues to grow. An event that began as a house party has now expanded to include the City of Lethbridge on the southern prairies of Alberta.

bridge winter.jpg

This brings to eight the number of Canadian cities hosting kilt skates. Next month will also see the event go international with the first Tartan Kilt Skate to be held in New York City. For the past five years, the national kilt skate in Canada has been coordinated by the Scottish Society of Ottawa.

2015 Ottawa charge.jpeg

This been one of the coldest winters in memory, but the Chinook winds that blow over the Rocky Mountains can increase the temperatures from subarctic to springtime balmy within hours. Scots are a pragmatic bunch. The solution to unpredictable weather in Lethbridge — as in Glengarry and Winnipeg this year — is to host the event indoors, at the Labor Club Ice Centre.

speed skating.jpg

One of the advantages of an indoor event is that it stretches the calendar of possible event times. Lethbridge will host its inaugural Great Canadian Kilt Skate on Saturday, March 9, from 1:30-2:45 pm. Entertainment will be provided by the Bridgecity Highlanders pipe band.

pipe band.jpg

for up-to-date information, check the Event page. Watch the kiltskate blog for further developments.