London Times quotes Kilt Skate blog

The debate over Sir John A. Macdonald's place in Canadian history continues, and is being picked up on the other side of the Atlantic. In its analysis of the controversy, the prestigious London newspaper, The Times, quoted the kilt skate blog entitled "Sir John A.: Hero or Villain."

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The article, written by Times correspondent Marc Horne, was reprinted in other papers, including The Australian.  It summarizes both sides of the debate.  For the side represented by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, Horne turned to Toronto teacher Felipe Pareja.


In proposing that Sir John A.'s name be removed from Ontario schools, Mr. Pareja argues that the descendants of residential schools should not have to attend schools named after the man who was partly responsible for the system.  

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To represent the opposing side, Horne quotes Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Opposition Leader Patrick Brown. “We need to teach our children the full history of this country, including colonialism, our indigenous peoples and their history and what our founders did to create Canada and make it the country it is today,” says Wynne. “I’m proud to have the names of Canada’s founding fathers on Ontario schools,” says Brown.

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The article then concludes by quoting Don Cummer, "a supporter of the Scottish Society Ottawa," as someone who "believes that Macdonald does not deserve to be regarded as a historical villain."


Horne goes on to quote Cummer at length: “Macdonald put forward legislation to give indigenous people the vote. But like so many of his day, he considered their culture to be inferior and doomed to extinction with the spread of ‘civilisation’. His legacy is a mixed one and it is good to remind ourselves that our heroes have not always been on what we today consider the right side of moral issues. We need to look at the broader picture, in its own historical context . . . few people in history can match Macdonald’s accomplishments in Canada.”


Marc Horne did not personally interview Cummer for this quote. Instead, it is excerpted from the Kilt Skate blog of September 4. How Horne became aware of the blog is not known, but it is an indication of the growing readership of


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