Hamish and Heather Make Their TV Debut

Thanks to Redblacks quarterback Henry Burris and the team at CTV Morning Live for welcoming us on their show this morning. Alix MacGregor Williams, Ross May and I had a great time talking about the kilt skate, the Scottish Society of Ottawa, and Sir John A. Have a look.

You'll hear us referring to an appearance on the program earlier this morning by the Governor General. Tomorrow His Excellency is opening up the wonderful skating rink at Rideau Hall to the public. It will be open for public skating on Saturdays and Sundays, and we'll have to arrange for a kilted skating party one of these weekends.  Watch for further details!

Both the Governor General's staff and the Scottish Society are watching the weather forecasts.  Today is cold and damp in Ottawa, but temperatures are likely to rise overnight, and we'll get 1-3 cm of snow. By the time the skate begins tomorrow at noon, we may be in the plus territory, with the possibility of freezing rain.  Last year was sunny and very, very cold in each of the five kiltskate cities.  It will be interesting to see whether we prefer the very cold temperatures to the near-freezing-point temperatures we often see in the January thaw.

Alix used this morning's broadcast to introduce Hamish of the Clan Haggis and his wife Heather to a television audience.  Hamish and Heather recently arrived in Ottawa from Scotland and are the mascots of the Scottish Society of Ottawa.  Alix designed them herself and hand makes them. She and her son are putting final touches on her website where Hamish and Heather will be available for purchase.

Hamish of the Clan Haggis enjoys a sip at the Scottish Society of Ottawa's whisky tasting.