Canada 150 Kilt Skate: the biggest yet!

As Canada approaches the launch of its celebrations of 150 years as a nation, the Scottish community across the country is preparing to begin the party this winter with a kilt skate.  As of the beginning of November, six cities have begun to organize their events. In the coming weeks, they may be joined by several more.  The kilt skate is gaining momentum as a uniquely Canadian way to celebrate Scottish heritage.

Kilt skates are now being organized for:

January 14:  Montreal -- St. Andrews Society of Montreal

January 21: Toronto -- Sons of Scotland

January 28: Ottawa -- Scottish Society of Ottawa

January 28: Winnipeg -- Scottish Heritage Council of Manitoba

January 28: Saskatoon -- Saskatoon Highland Dancing Association

February 5: Calgary -- St. Andrews Caledonian Society

Welcome to Toronto's Sons of Scotland and Calgary's St. Andrews Caledonian Society as new partners in the kilt skate team.  These organizations have responded to a letter sent earlier this year by Kevin MacLeod, Chair of the Scottish Society of Ottawa.  We hope that, in the coming weeks, other communities that we have contacted will decide to host a kilt skate in their city.

In the meantime, we'll be working with our partners to put on the best kilt skate ever to celebrate 150 years since Confederation -- and the key role that Scots played in forging our nation.