Winnipeg: early reports on a great skate date

The St. Andrew’s Society of Winnipeg began their preparations for their fourth annual Great Canadian Kilt Skate early Sunday morning. The walls of the Seven Oaks Sports Complex were festooned with saltires, banners and a media wall highlighting the Society’s achievements.

In past years, weather has been a big factor for the “Winterpeg” kilt skates. The 2015 and 2018 events were among the coldest kilt skates ever held in Canada — and yet the hardy Winnipegers bared their braw knees to the elements.

Winnipeg 2018 knees.jpg

In 2017, on the other hand, the event had to be cancelled because unseasonably warm weather had melted the ice on the duck pond.

Winnipeg 2017.jpg

This year, they took no chances, and took an example from Glengarry, which hosted the first indoor kilt skate in an arena last February.

It’s estimated that 40-50 kilted skaters joined in the fun. The day’s entertainment included a skating piper and the Kids in Kilts Highland dance troupe. The event was covered by CBC Radio, CTV, City TV, and Global News — all of which augers well for future kilt skates as more Manitobans learn about this uniquely Canadian way to celebrate Scottish heritage.

We’re looking forward to receiving photos and further details from the event organizers, and will follow up this blog in the coming days.

Winnipeg 2015.jpg