We interrupt the skating news for a weather report

Yesterday morning, the snow began falling before people woke up to go to work. It continued falling all day.  Falling and falling.  It was never falling so thick to impair visibility. Just a steady and constant snowfall. And by evening, we had 50 cms -- that's over a foot and a half of snow in one day. 

Traffic ground to a halt. Commutes that normally take 45 minutes lasted for four hours  One friend commented that tens of thousands of people seemed to assume that no one else would be dumb enough to drive in these conditions, so they went about their business and got caught up in the traffic.

But if you didn't have to go anywhere, it was a beautiful night to be out.  No skating tonight, for sure. That's a hockey rink in the middle of Windsor Park.  We're used to the snow being piled as high as the boards on the outside of the rink -- that's where it's dumped when it's cleared.  But on this night, the snow filled the hockey rink as if it were a bathtub.

Here's the same park the next morning.  That's the top of a park bench poking out of the snow. But with the sun coming up, the mist began to rise. The air was calm, and the fluffs of snow stayed on the branches. An incredibly beautiful morning to be out -- unless you had to get somewhere on time.

Ya gotta love winter!  If you didn't, you'd go crazy around here...