Showtime, Ottawa!

The morning began with an interview with Matt Skube from CFRA, and a challenge to Mayor Jim Watson to put on his skates when he officially launches the 2nd Annual Sir John A's Great Canadian Kilt Skate this afternoon. Matt says he's willing to donate money if we'll get the mayor on skates.  His colleague, Christie, says he might be pushing it a bit far to persuade His Worship to don a kilt as well.

Then it was off to Lansdowne Park to help set up the tent.  And on the drive over the Rideau Canal (still covered in snow), all we can think about is: "The cake!  We forgot to mention the birthday cake in the interview!  There's be tons of people coming out if we'd mentioned free birthday cake and hot chocolate..."


In kilt skate interviews as everywhere, never let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  We've had a great run of publicity over the past few days, and we think we're going to have good numbers.


In the meantime, with just a couple of hours to go, we're setting up the tent, the tables, the bunting, the flags. We've received delivery of the cake. We've alerted the mayor, the MP and the MPP that they were mentioned in this morning's interview. We need to fetch the cases of water bottles we'll be offering at the skate.  We need to print off the remarks that our Executive Director, John Ivison, will be delivering as Master of Ceremonies. And we need to figure out what the Skater-in-Chief will say during his minute or two on the podium.

Oh yes, and we need to update the blog.  Now... that's done.  Time to load up the cases of water bottles -- and put on the kilt!