Ottawa chooses a place; Montreal chooses a date

The 2nd Annual Sir John A's Great Canadian Kilt Skate is really beginning to gel -- which is more than can be said for the ice on the Rideau Canal.  With warm weather on its way again this weekend, we may lose some of the progress made in creating an ice surface that will support the Ottawa skate on January 16.

So we have opted for the Lansdowne Park Skating Court, which has a lovely surface, maintained on a regular basis by a zamboni.  The rink will accommodate a hundred skaters, which may make things a little crowded if we get as many as turned out in 35-below weather for last year's kilt skate.

Because Lansdowne Park is across the road from the Rideau Canal Skateway, we will also have the option of shepherding everyone to the Big Ice, should the weather gods favour us with biting cold between now and January 16.

Meanwhile, the St. Andrew's Society of Montreal, which wanted to replicate last year's successful skate at the Old Port has settled on a date of Saturday, January 30. Event organizer Dr. Gillian Leitch says that it was so cold last year, she was surprised at how many showed up.  Maybe it was because of the birthday cake, showing Sir John A. as a kilted skater with knobbly knees.