The long, hot summer -- and winter memories

Here it is: the last day of August and ice skating on the canal is far from anyone's mind.  Here's the "skating court" outside the Aberdeen Pavilion. It's now a basketball court.

It wasn't that long ago that is was put to other purposes

The Rideau Canal in summer is a great place for a bicycle ride.

Here's a photo from near the same stretch of canal just a few months ago.

Summer attire for "skating" along the canal involves Rollerblades.

But even in the depths of winter there are those not afraid to expose their knees to the elements.

But the leaves are changing colour. It's time to make plans for the coming season of all things Scottish.  The Grand Committee of the Scottish Society of Ottawa meets in the coming weeks to plan the agenda for Scottish Month:  including Hogmanay, Robbie Burns Dinner and the Third Annual Sir John A's Great Canadian Kilt Skate.  So enjoy the last days of summer and get ready for further announcements on events to come.