Skating Season opens in Ottawa

The Rideau Canal is not frozen yet. It will be a few weeks before we'll be able to glide down the Skateway.

But the City of Ottawa has opened its rinks at City Hall and Lansdowne Park.  The refrigerated coils keep the ice cold so we can get our first outdoor skating experience of the season.  At night we come out to the Aberdeen Pavilion where,  last January, we held our second annual Sir John A's Great Canadian Kilt Skate.

Late at night, when most of the skaters have gone home, some stay around to enjoy the forbidden pleasures of practicing their hockey skills on the recreational ice.

Then daylight comes and the friends and the families come out to play.

The Lansdowne facility provides changing sheds.

But on a cold but sunny noon hour in Ottawa, many prefer to forego the shelter and change into their skates rinkside.

And away we go!

Bring on the skating season!