Ottawa -- the Volunteers make the event

Ottawa had a perfect day for a kilt skate today, and about a hundred skaters and spectators gathered at Lansdowne Park Skating Court to celebrate Scotland's contribution to Canada's multicultural fabric. The pictures of the event will follow when our photographer culls his shots, but in the meantime, here's some snaps of the preparations, showcasing our wonderful team of volunteer -- coordinated by wonderful Isobel Adams.

Heather -- Izzy.jpg

Izzy's volunteer team included Linda, Janet, and Brenda on the cake table.

Heather -- Linda-Janet-Brenda.jpg

Charlie took care of the information tent. Charlie is the Treasurer of the Scottish Society of Ottawa, so in addition to his volunteer work for the Ottawa event, he also helps make sure that the events get funded in Montreal, North Glengarry, Toronto, Saskatoon and Calgary.

Heather -- Charlie.jpg

Mouse came with no kilt, but with bare knees anyway -- bare feet in fact!


Heather was everywhere -- making sure that everyone felt welcome. Heather is the Secretary of the Scottish Society of Ottawa, and keeps all of us together as an organization.

Heather -- Aldo.jpg
Don -- Heather.jpg

The Theoret family also contributed Pierre and John to the volunteer pool.

Heather -- brothers.jpg

George was there as the Chair of the Scottish Society of Ottawa. No kilt, but lots of tartan!


The Scottish Society of Ottawa's Executive Director, Andrew, arrived full Bonnie-Prince-Charlie. Andrew burned the cd of the music that played over the sound system.

As a volunteer, Simon was taking notes to help him prepare for the Kilt Skate in Alexandria on February 3.


After years of coordinating the volunteers, Jackie returned again to lend a hand on skate day.


The volunteer responsible for the organization of the Fourth Annual Sir John A's Great Canadian Kilt Skate was the ever-cheerful Carol MacPherson, here proudly displaying the plaque from the Mayor of Ottawa proclaiming January 20 as Sir John A. Macdonald Day in Ottawa.

Don -- Carol.jpg

The set-up began at 9:30 with the arrival of the trucks carrying the tents and sound system.


The tents and sound system were set up, the tables assembled.


Pierre, Carol and John were out early to organize the set-up.


Pierre had brought his baby skates -- our good luck token.


The cake table was set up.


Friends got a chance to socialize before showtime.


And the skaters began to arrive.


The opening ceremonies included an official ribbon cutting, with Aurora and Marcelo holding the ribbon. (Unfortunately, they're not in this picture.)

Heather -- ribbon.jpg

The cake was served.


Along with the hot chocolate.


To the enjoyment of everyone!


Lots of interest at the information tent as well. 


Over the course of the two-hour event, the cake was eaten.


It was time to pack up and tear down.


There are several volunteers that we've missed here, and I hope you'll send me some photos so we can add you to the montage.  This blog is a work in progress, and will evolve as more pictures come in.

At the end of a highly successful kilt skate, many of us headed over to Milestones to celebrate a great day.  Well done, Carol MacPherson, Isobel Adams, and the entire volunteer team of the Scottish Society of Ottawa.

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